Math Workshop Full Year Mega Bundle

As my teaching philosophy and classroom structure shifted towards a math workshop setup, it became important for me to have engaging and effective activities for my students to use at their math centers. Creating these games, sorts, and hands-on resources has truly become a passion of mine. I am excited to share that I now have a Math Workshop Full Year Mega Bundle available in my store. This bundle includes the vast majority of my upper elementary/lower middle school resources. Although these activities were created with 6th graders in mind, if you teach 5th grade or 7th grade, I think you will also find them useful! Below is a snapshot of what is included! If you have already downloaded Part 1 or Part 2 of my Math Mega Bundle, then DON'T download this, since many of the resources are the same! Instead, you may want to consider downloaded the other part!

Task Cards and Exit Slips
Included are two full year sets of task cards and my set of Angle Relationships Task Cards. The first set includes more basic problems for close to 90 different concepts. Each task card includes 2-5 problems. The second set covers the same concepts, but are enrichment problems. Each of these cards includes 1-2 challenging problems for your higher ability students. The set of Angle Relationships Task Cards includes 96 different task cards in which students must use their knowledge of angle relationships to find missing angles. 

The bundle also includes a set of exit slips. Each of the close to 90 concepts includes an exit slip with four problems that increase in difficulty to help find where your students are at with each concept.

Math Games

Connect Four Games
My students love Connect Four games! There are 15 different games, each focusing on a different math concept. Students must answer math problems that lead them to cover spaces on their game board. First person to connect four in a row wins!

Math Board Games
These 16 board games are a more recent addition to my store. They were a huge hit last year with my middle school students. The games cover everything from fraction/decimal operations to probability/statistics and everything in between! My personal favorite is this Area Invasion board game.

Memory Games
Who doesn't like a good memory game? There are six different equation memory games, where students must match the equation with its solution. 

Top it Games
The six Equation Top-it games that are included have a similar game play as the classic card game War. Student each flip over a card and must solve the equation. Whoever has the higher solution wins both of the cards. The game goes on until someone wins all of the cards or time runs out!

Bingo Games
Three different bingo games are included that are fun to play as a whole class or in small groups as a math center. Multiplication Bingo, Negative Number Bingo, and Squares and Roots Bingo each focus on different skills.

Game Show Review
These Jeopardy-style games are great to use as review with the whole class. There are five different sets of questions, each related to a different standard. A sixth end-of-year review set includes questions related to a variety of standards.

Scavenger Hunts
Another fun way to review and get kids out of their seats and moving around the room is by using scavenger hunts. Post the 12 problems around the room and have 1-3 students start at each problem. Their answer to each problem will lead them to their next problem! This bundle includes 10 different scavenger hunts for a variety of math concepts.

Other Resources
In addition to everything described above, there are a variety of other activities also included in the bundle. A Stock Market Challenge, Percent Scramble game, Pi Day challenge, and much more are a part of this package to help keep things fun and engaging in your classroom! You can see a list of everything that is included in the product description at the following link. Have a great school year!

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