Final Day of Math Dollar Deals

Today is the last Tuesday in July, which means the Math Dollar Deals are coming to an end. Today is the final day to grab some awesome math resources for just one dollar! To find all of the deals, be sure to search #mathdollardeals on Teachers Pay Teachers. Many of the teachers, myself included, will be putting TWO resources on sale for $1 this week! You can grab the following two resources from my store for one dollar until the end of the day on Tuesday, July 31st!

In Decimal Dash, students take turns drawing a playing card from the deck. If they are able to find the correct answer to the problem on their card, they move ahead the number of spaces indicated on the card. The tougher the problem, the more spaces they will get to move ahead! If a player lands on a "Take a Chance" space, they draw a "Take a Chance" card, which will either move them ahead or back!

This unit of task cards includes six different task cards (and answer keys) that focus on writing and solving equations. Each of the task cards includes multiple equations for students to work through. Task cards are a very versatile tool in the classroom and can be used in many ways. I use these cards at the front table with the small group I am working with during math workshop. For more ideas on how to use task cards in the classroom, be sure to check out THIS post!

I hope you all have enjoyed our Math Dollar Deals this summer and can find a good use for these resources in your classroom! Have a great rest of the summer and back to school season!