Math Dollar Deals Week 4

The #mathdollardeals are back for another week! Every Tuesday in July, some math teacher friends and I are putting a resource up for just one dollar. This week will be a bonus, since some of us will be putting TWO resources on sale. The deals are on Tuesday, but they usually start trickling in Monday night if you want to get a head start!

My first resource on sale is this Square and Square Roots Bingo game. The resource includes 30 unique bingo boards and 26 different calling cards, including the squares of numbers 0-12 and square roots (perfect squares only) of numbers 0-144. This is a fun one to play as a whole class or in small groups!

The second resource for $1 is one of my new Transformation Mystery Trip resources. In this activity, students begin in Miami, Florida, and must translate, reflect, and rotate their way to one of six mystery destinations. My students love the challenge of figuring out where they are going!

Remember, to find all of the one dollar deals, either search #mathdollardeals on Teachers Pay Teachers OR scroll down to the bottom of THIS blog post by Mrs. E Teaches Math! Have a great week everyone!

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