8th Grade Math Mega Bundle!

With it being my first year teaching a section of 8th grade math, I have been spending time creating resources to use with my 8th grade group. I have finally gotten around to putting all of these 8th grade math materials into a mega bundle. Below I highlighted each of the math bundles/resources that are included! The bundle is linked at the bottom of this post, or you can click here to take a look!

8th Grade Math Task Cards Full Year Bundle

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/8th-Grade-Math-Task-Cards-Full-Year-Bundle-2655638This set of 8th grade math task cards includes problems that are at a more basic level of the concepts we cover. I expect all of my 8th graders (it is a Math 8 class, not Algebra) to be able to do these. This bundle includes a task card for 93 different concepts and includes a total of 276 problems. Since we are all math people, let's do the math... that is an average of 2.97 problems per card! :) Topics include a wide range of 8th grade math concepts, including topics related to rational numbers, proportions, percents, a wide range of algebra concepts, two and three dimensional geometry concepts, statistics, probability, and more!

8th Grade Math Enrichment Task Cards Full Year Bundle

This set is similar to the regular task cards that I described above, however these are much more challenging problems. I don't always expect all of my Math 8 students to be able to get to these, but of course am always pushing them to try! This bundle includes 89 different concepts and 215 total problems (I'll let you do the math this time!). The reason there are fewer problems is because these tend to take much longer to solve. The topics are similar to the other task cards, just more difficult! I have found these to be great to use during math workshop with the small group that I am working with and also for early finishers during whole group work times.


8th Grade Math Exit Slips Full Year Bundle

This set of exit slips is set up the same way as my task cards, however each card includes exactly four problems that increase in difficulty. It ends up being 93 topics and 372 total problems. My district uses grading for learning, so each student earns a beginning, developing, proficient, or advanced grade in each math standard. These exit slips include one problem at each level for every concept. I actually use these as a daily check, which is like a mini-quiz, at the start of each class. It gives me a great chance to see if my students understood the lesson from the previous day!

8th Grade Math Scavenger Hunt Bundle


I have found scavenger hunts to be extremely effective and engaging for both 6th and 8th graders. I put together this scavenger hunt bundle to use throughout the year in 8th grade math. It includes 7 different scavenger hunts for various 8th grade concepts. Each scavenger hunt includes 12 problems/posters that you place around the room. Students travel through the 12 problems and must find their next problem based on their previous answer! These are a great way to get kids up and moving around.

8th Grade Math Sort Bundle

The math sort bundle might be the most effective way to kids working together and talking about math. In small groups, they receive 4 answer cards and 20 problem cards. After solving a problem, they sort the card under the correct answer card. After all 20 problem cards are sorted, they flip over the cards and must unscramble the funny phrases on the back! The bundle includes 4 topics, 16 sorts, and 320 total problem cards.


8th Grade Math Connect Four Bundle

This Connect Four Bundle includes 10 different games, again all related to 8th grade math concepts. After creating a wide range of these for 6th grade math and seeing how engaging they were, I decided to start making them for my Math 8 class. Students must solve problems, cover up their answers on their board, and try to connect four!


8th Grade Math Challenge of the Week Problems

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/8th-Grade-Math-Challenge-of-the-Week-Problems-2962990This set of problems are the problems I post each week as my "Challenge of the Week." As you can see in the picture, I also have a set of these problems for 6th grade math as well. The challenge of the week has been a great opportunity to give my higher students a chance to challenge themselves. Every Monday, I post a new challenge of the week problem on my board. Students have until the end of the day on Thursday to submit an answer. On Friday, we discuss the problem and anybody that got it correct gets a mint or Starburst! Right now, the 8th grade set includes 27 of my 8th grade challenge problems, but I will probably add to this as the year goes!

Hopefully this gives a solid picture of what is all included in this bundle! If you are looking for a wide range of resources for 8th grade math from my TpT store, this bundle is the most discounted way to do that! If you also teach 6th grade math, I have a similar bundle (linked below) that is even more extensive than this 8th grade bundle. If you have any questions about specific resources or topics that are included, please ask in the comments below!

6th Grade Math Mega Bundle
8th Grade Math Mega Bundle

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