8th Grade Math Exit Slips Full Year Bundle is Complete!

As I have navigated through my first semester teaching a section of 8th grade math, I have started to get a good sense of where my students are at and how I can keep pushing them forward. After teaching primarily 6th grade math for my first five years, it has been important for me to get a good understanding of what my 8th grade students know and what we need to work on! One of the ways I have been doing this is with our daily checks in 8th grade math.


Instead of a warm-up each day in math class, my students do four daily check problems that increase in difficulty. My school district uses a grading for learning system, so these daily checks make it easy to see where my students fall on our grading scale (Beginning, Developing, Proficient, Advanced). With this being my first year teaching 8th grade math, I have spent time creating four daily check problems for every concept that we cover. For a free sample unit, check out my 8th Grade Math Exit Slips: Area, Volume, and Surface Area. I now finally have the full year bundle of questions complete for 8th grade! You can check them out by clicking on the link below.



As the name suggests, these problems also work great as exit slips at the end of class. The problems cover a wide range of concepts, from algebra to geometry, and almost everything in between! For those of you that have downloaded my 8th Grade Math Task Cards and/or 8th Grade Math Enrichment Task Cards, the format of these exit slips is similar. The only difference is that every exit slip card includes exactly four problems that always increase in difficulty (some of the task cards have fewer problems on them... especially the more challenging problems). I discovered a pretty good storage system for my task cards (pictured below) with these bins from Michaels. At some point, I plan on doing the same with these exit slips!

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