5th/6th Grade Mega Bundle (PART 2) is Ready!


I'm excited to have a "Part 2" mega bundle ready to go for all of my 5th/6th grade resources! A few years ago, I created this Math Mega Bundle (For Upper Elementary/Middle School Math) PART 1, which at the time included all of the resources I had created. With all of my new task cards, math sorts, board games, and other activities created since then, I decided to put them all together (at a big discount!) into a Math Mega Bundle (For Upper Elementary/Middle School Math) PART 2! There is NO overlap between the two bundles! Below, I highlighted a few of the resources included in the new bundle!

*If you would like to see more info about the Part 1 bundle, you can head over to THIS blog post.

This bundle of task cards includes 86 different task cards that each include 1-4 problems related to a specific math concept. Topics cover numbers and operations, ratios, algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability concepts! I find these perfect to use with my "Teacher" group during math workshop. These task cards start with pretty basic problems for each concept. I start each student with this task card. If they complete the problems, I then have an enrichment task card that I have them try. You can find the enrichment task cards HERE, which are a part of the PART 1 bundle.

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Exit-Slips-Full-Year-Bundle-6th-Grade-Math-2479621The bundle of exit slips covers most of the same concepts as the task card bundle above, however each of the 89 exit slips contains exactly four problems related to that concept. The problems gradually increase in difficulty. Our district grades on a Beginning, Developing, Proficient, or Advanced scale, so the four problems align to those levels. I actually use these as a graded warm-up, or daily check, to start each class. The check assesses student understanding of the concept we covered the previous day. They are easy to project or print out, two per page, and distribute to students.

These math sorts are some of the more engaging activities I have used with my 6th graders! Students sort the cards based on their answer, placing them under the answer cards. Once each answer card has five corresponding cards underneath it, the students flip over the cards and must unscramble the funny phrases on the back! This bundle includes the following topics. Each topic includes multiple sorts.
(1) Multiplying Decimals Sort (80 problems)
(2) Dividing Decimals Sort (80 problems)
(3) Algebra Equation Sort (100 problems)
(4) Area and Perimeter Sort (80 problems)
(5) Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Sort (80 problems)


Angle Relationships Task Cards
This set of Angle Relationships Task Cards included four different difficulty levels, marked by the number of stars in the corner of the card. Students must use their knowledge of complementary angles, supplementary angles, angles in polygons, and vertical angles to find the missing angles on the card!


I started creating board games this year and they have been a huge hit with my middle schoolers! I particularly like using them with my small math intervention groups that I work with. This bundle includes the following 6 board games related to different fraction and decimal operations!

(1) Decimal Derby! An Adding and Subtracting Decimals Board Game
(2) Decimal Dash! A Multiplying Decimals Board Game
(3) Decimal Duel! A Dividing Decimals Board Game
(4) Fraction Fury! An Adding and Subtracting Fractions Board Game
(5) Fraction Fever! A Multiplying Fractions Board Game
(6) Fraction Frenzy! A Dividing Fractions Board Game


This bundle of board games is focused entirely on algebra. A few of these go a bit beyond the 5th/6th grade level, but it never hurts to have something in reserve as enrichment, right? I have already used the Equation Invasion game a ton in math class this year and my 6th graders really responded well to it!

(1) Expressions Frenzy! A Simplifying Expressions Board Game
(2) Equation Invasion! A Solving Equations Board Game
(3) Equation Invasion! A Solving Equations Board Game (Negative Number Edition)
(4) Equation Invasion! A Solving Equations Board Game (Multi-Step Equations Edition)
(5) Inequality Invasion! A Solving Inequalities Board Game
(6) Inequality Invasion! A Solving Inequalities Board Game (Negative Number Edition) 


This set of two board games includes Area Invasion and Volume Victory. Area Invasion helps students practice finding the area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, and circles. Volume Victory requires students to find the volume of rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, pyramids, cones, and cylinders as they move around the game board!


Probability Panic is a board game where students must find the probability of simple events, independent events, and compound events as they work their way around the board. 


Hopefully this provided a good overview of what is included in this "Part 2" Mega Bundle! Feel free to email me at middleschoolmathman@gmail.com if you have questions!

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