Fractions and Decimals Board Game Bundle!

I finally completed this full set of math board games! In 6th grade math, we begin the school year with a lot of multiplying and dividing of fractions and decimals. For some students, this can be frustrating if these computation skills have been a challenge for them in the past. I made these board games to give students a fun, low stress, way to practice these skills!

The bundle includes 6 different board games. You click HERE to check it out the bundle or click on the links below to see individual games. Each of the games is similar in how the game is played. On their turn, students draw a playing card and must answer the problem on the card. After checking with a calculator, they move ahead then number of spaces indicated on the card. If students land on a "Take a Chance" space, they draw a card from the Take a Chance pile. These cards either tell them to move forward or back. The six games that are included are listed below! If purchased as the bundle, you get one of the games free compared to purchasing individually!

Decimal Derby: An Adding and Subtracting Decimals Board Game
Decimal Dash: A Multiplying Decimals Board Game
Decimal Duel: A Dividing Decimals Board Game
Fraction Fury: An Adding and Subtracting Fractions Board Game
Fraction Fever: A Multiplying Fractions Board Game
Fraction Frenzy: A Dividing Fractions Board Game

I have been pleasantly surprised with how these games have gone over with my 6th graders this year. I've had a lot students actually ASKING to play these when they are finished early! I have also been using them with my math intervention groups with students who need some extra practice with these skills.

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