Decimal Dash! A Multiplying Decimals Board Game

In my opinion, it never hurts to add another math game to the classroom repertoire! One concept that we review early on in 6th grade math is multiplying decimals. I decided to create a board game that can help students practice this skill... Decimal Dash! This is honestly the most fun I've had creating a resource!

The game play is pretty simple, since I wanted to make sure it was easy for students to learn and play on their own. Each player begins on 0.0. On a player's turn, they flip over a Playing Card and must find the answer to the problem (a student work sheet is included!). Their opponent checks their answer with a calculator. If they are correct, they move ahead the number of spaces indicated on the card.

If at any time a player lands on a Take A Chance space, they draw one of the Take a Chance cards pictured above. The card will either move them ahead or backwards. First person to reach the 2.6 space wins the game!

The only things not included that you will need are calculators and some sort of game pieces! I plan on using colored counters as game pieces.

I can't wait to try this one out this fall with the 6th graders! Click HERE to grab your copy!

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