Math Dollar Deals for Middle School/High School Math!

It is Tuesday, which means our dollar deals are back! I have teamed up with an awesome group of middle school and high school math teachers for these Math Dollar Deals! Every Tuesday this summer, we will each be putting one of our math resources on sale for just $1.

The activities on sale are easy to find! Just search #mathdollardeals in the TpT search box and all of the dollar deals should come up!

Or another option is to check out this Pinterest board, which will feature all of the math dollar deals each week.

This week, my dollar deal is this entire unit of Math Task Cards (Volume and Surface Area). These are great for 5th/6th grade math or possibly for 7th grade intervention groups. For those of you that have downloaded my Math Enrichment Task Cards, the Math Task Cards cover the same topics but are more basic problems. I use both sets every day during my 6th grade math workshop!

The following topics are included in this set of task cards: Volume of Triangular Prisms, Volume of Pyramids, Volume of Cylinders, Volume of Cones, Surface Area of Cylinders, and Volume of Composite Figures. Enjoy and don't forget to check out all of the other great math dollar deals by other math teachers using the hashtag #mathdollardeals!


  1. Hey! I follow you on instagram pretty closely. I was wondering if there is anyway that I would be able to be added to your list of teachers to put some items up for a dollar?

    Stuck In The Middle with K.Law

  2. Hi Kimberly!

    You definitely welcome to join the math dollar deals! However, we won't be altering the graphic at all (we've already had a few others ask about joining as well). You can use the hashtag #mathdollardeals so that everyone can find your deal! If you have questions let me know!