Friday Freebie - Math Scavenger Hunt: Expressions & Equations

Summer is here! With our school year coming to an end with a half day yesterday, I was able to take down the final countdown post-it from the fridge. As you can see, we didn't have too stressful of a schedule in 6th grade math for the final day! It always love getting to meet the incoming 6th graders during our Bump-Up Day. Now it is time to look forward to some time off, lots of baseball, and a trip to Australia this summer! I am going to try something this summer that I have been thinking about doing for a while now. I've decided that I am going to post one FREE product from my TPT store every Friday for the entire day.

While enjoying my first day of summer, I have also been working on creating some new scavenger hunts to use next year! I first tried one of these at the end of this year as a review and I wish I would have done it sooner. The 6th graders loved solving the scavenger hunt problems and I even had a student ask on the last day of school if we could do another one! My plan is to create a scavenger hunt for each 6th grade standard, as well as some end of year review scavenger hunts! I have a few of them up in my store already...and tomorrow I plan on making my Math Scavenger Hunt: Expressions & Equations free for the entire day! Each scavenger hunt includes 12 question posters, a student record sheet, and an answer key. Be sure to grab your copy from my TPT store tomorrow (Store: Alex O'Connor)!

Stay tuned for more Friday Freebies from my TPT store! Have a great start to your summer everyone!

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