Hello and welcome to Math in the Middle! It is exciting to get started in the blogging world of education. I'm looking forward to finding and sharing ideas relating to teaching math. I am a sixth grade math teacher from Wisconsin. To learn more about me make sure you check out my Meet the Teacher page. In my classroom, I use a math workshop structure. I plan to post a lot of ideas relating to math workshop, math centers, and how I have been using them with my 6th graders. Take a look at my Math Workshop page to get a better idea of how it works in my class!

Students use unit rates to compare grocery store deals!

With the short week of Thanksgiving coming up (two and a half day week for my district), I am taking a break from the math workshop rotations. We just finished a unit on Friday, so I am taking some time to review and have some fun with the 6th graders before our first break of the school year! Monday, I plan to have students review unit rates from earlier in the year with this Shopping for the Deal activity I created last year! In celebration of starting my new blog, I'm going to make this free until Monday morning...so make sure you check it out!

Tuesday, I am going to teach my 6th graders a new game called the Product Game. I found this one through NCTM a few years back. It is really a great game for students to practice basic math facts and it includes a ton of strategy!

Then on Wednesday, I get to bust out one of may favorites each year! After reading the hilarious and creative book Math Curse, by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, I have my students try to solve some of the crazy, funny, and challenging math questions that are asked in the book. I let them work with a partner and have a prize for the group in each class that can solve the most problems correctly! How many m&m's would it take to measure the length of the Mississippi River? And more importantly, how many m&m's would you eat if you had to measure the length of the Mississippi River in m&m's? Have your students try out these fun and engaging questions for themselves! This one is also free in my TPT store!

Math Curse Challenge 

I always look forward to this short Thanksgiving week with my students. It is a nice opportunity for a change of pace and some fun activities, while still focusing on some important 6th grade math concepts. I hope you've enjoyed some of these and can put these great activities to use in your classroom!

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